Ok, so I haven't posted much on here over the last few weeks.  I've been finding this so incredibly tough.  Constant injuries over the last four months have been slowing my progress down. Christmas was a right-off with no training for 2 weeks due to an ankle injury. January saw me getting back on track for three weeks of solid training before flu kicked in and another calf problem.  Age is catching up with me! I hear ya!

However the good news is I will not let this beat me.  I'm back on track with a ten mile run planned this weekend. I'm looking at competing in the Carlingford Half Marathon on March 4th which will be good to get confidence up.

Big thanks to the amazing Gill Johnston, my mentor and training buddy. She's putting in the miles with me without any Marathon place to show for it. 

I'm going to be hammering social media over the next three months as we aim to raise £2000 for Hope For Youth NI so beware! I'm running this year's London Marathon to help bring Protestant and Catholic children together in Northern Ireland.

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