Hope for Youth (formerly the Women Caring Trust) was founded in 1972 and helps young people in Northern Ireland, particularly those from disadvantaged areas.

We believe that the best hope for reconciliation and peace in Northern Ireland is to support cross-community projects, where young people aged 11-18 can learn to work together to learn new skills, build friendships and develop their confidence in a safe environment. Our approach is non-sectarian and non-political.

With your help, we help to fund organisations which foster teamwork, creativity and personal development across divides, such a musical or dramatic production or an outdoor expedition within Ireland.

Every child deserves these opportunities, whatever their background.

Your support can make a real difference - so please get involved or donate what you can.


Our Trustees and Patrons

Hope for Youth (formerly Women Caring Trust) was founded in 1972 by Lady Patsie Fisher. Today our trustees work closely with Cherton Enterprise to ensure that the founder's mission is continued. They monitor every project requesting funds, and work tirelessly to build the profile and ensure the success of all our fundraising events.

Our distinguished patrons represent the diversity of faiths and backgrounds of the people of Northern Ireland, and we are honoured to have as our Chief Patron, HRH The Duchess of Gloucester GCVO, who takes a personal interest in the work of the trust.

Chief patron
HRH The Duchess of Gloucester GCVO


The Hon Mrs William Montgomery
Stephen Rubin, OBE
Gloria Hunniford
Joanna Lumley, OBE
Barry McGuigan, MBE
Judy Lindsay

His Honour Hubert Dunn QC

Chairman of the Trustees
Mr Noel Lamb, DL

Mr Johnny Andrews FCA (Hon. Treasurer)
Mrs Vanne Campbell
Mr Tom Chambré
The Earl of Erne
Miss Eugenia Dunn
The Viscount Gough
Mr James Jackson, OBE
Mr Noel Lamb, DL
Dr Miriam McCarthy
Mrs Emma McCausland
Mrs Henrietta Reade

One of the most satisfying moments in my year is to see the genuine difference that Hope for Youth makes. Whether it is children from different backgrounds working together in a theatre trust or building a bridge in a forest park, our charity makes a real impact. Children, who would not otherwise come together, learn what it is like to share a common goal and respect each other’s views. It is our future.
— Noel Lamb, Chair, Hope for Youth NI